Partnership Scheme

At S and C we regard our candidate networks as the lifeblood of our business and as such we aim to have a more open, honest and rewarding two-way relationship.

It is common practice for recruiters to use duplicitous tactics to gather key information from candidates but at S and C we regard ourselves as different and would rather be totally honest about what information we find useful and why, letting you decide if you would like to help.

Info we are interested in:

  • Quality candidate referrals
  • Companies/Managers you know are hiring for change roles
  • Organisation Structures and Key Contacts


  • Information is King and knowing as much about our market, who is hiring and who the key players and best candidates are is absolutely key to being an effective recruiter.

What is in it for you?

  • Any key information given to S and C leading directly to a placement (i.e. a Candidate Referral or a Hot Lead) will result in a Partner Reward equivalent to 10% of the placement fee*.
  • Any key information you give could directly help another candidate in their career and Vice Versa: Another example of “Recruitment Karma”.

Contact S and C

*Partners will be eligible to receive their reward on completion of the placed candidate’s rebate period and will accept responsibility for any Tax and National Insurance contributions owed due to any payments from S and C Search Ltd.